Embracing existing urban infrastructure, deFence utilizes the chain link fence plane as a growing medium.

a planted chain link section.
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This project offers an enrichment of chain link fence. Using off-the-shelf materials and salvaged products, deFence deepens the fence plane to host a living wall. Standard chain link fence fabric provides a skeletal framework of 2” diamond-shaped cells, creating a mesh that can take on any number of dimensions and profiles. By cutting 8” lengths of angled PVC pipe, notching each center point and then threading pipe sections through the fence, each open fence cell becomes activated with a small planting vessel. This pipe then gets loaded with a stopper, soil, and a tough urban-dwelling plant. This modular, scalable vertical gardening strategy is infinitely replicable, creating productive greenspace and empowering individuals to seize the potential of an otherwise deadening urban surface.