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Improvised Tactics: Tracking Urban Farming Innovation in Havana

Tools and tactics for gardening systems in Havana.
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In an effort to incorporate innovative urban farming practices into the food landscape of New Orleans, the Tulane School of Architecture funded this research on best growing practices from Havana, Cuba. This work focused on the inventive use of vacant land, programs aimed at bolstering food security, resources for urban farmers, and informal urban design strategies.

From state-sanctioned organoponicos to guerilla rooftop gardens, Havana has charted new territory for the productive use of wasted urban space. This research investigates the “improvised tactics” that have been honed in Cuba over several decades. Many of these Cuban programs stem directly from a lack of adequate of resources and the ingenuity of responses developed by individuals, neighborhood groups, and NGO’s. Because these examples can be understood as tactics, rather than strategies, they translate to other similar urban environments; this work begins to inform other communities and regions.