SoAP box

The SoAP Box is a modular, CNC-milled, mobile furniture piece designed for both seating and model display for the MIT School of Architecture and planning.

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_SoAP Box is a collection of stackable, re-combinable display modules that can be de¬ployed in a variety of configurations or docked atop a rolling bench base. In both its as¬sembly and surface treatments, SoAP Box arises from intersecting logics of computational precision and analog or material craft. The modules are designed and fabricated to key precisely together in several different configurations, providing model display surfac¬es with different heights, angles, and surface areas. _

Through a scripted CNC procedure, graphics are etched into the surface of stained plywood, revealing the grain of the lay¬ers beneath. The keyed mechanical joints and the surface graphics guide the haggard ar¬chitecture student through an intuitive process of deploying and recombining the display modules. When the display modules are returned to their “resting position,” the unit acts a compact and easily moveable bench that both provides seating and, through the reconfigured graphic displays, creates a visual signpost for the Department of Archi¬tecture.