urban farming toolkit

The Urban Farming Toolkit is a digital, visual guide to starting a garden, designed to provide new growers with instructions on gardening at any scale.

The cover and table of contents
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Prior to 2005, New Orleans was a city lacking in food security, access to fresh produce, and food justice. Hurricane Katrina exposed this underlying need for local food production, highlighting the city’s most vulnerable geographic areas. This toolkit aims to educate and support urban farmers in post-Katrina New Orleans, targeting the populations most affected by the city’s food deserts.

While there has been much enthusiasm for local growing, there is also a lack of information and expertise related to urban farming in New Orleans. This project embraces an opensource model and strives to provide information in a free and useful format. Using design and planning tools, this project also makes the connection between design and food justice, creating an accessible toolkit for fostering local food landscapes. The urban farming toolkit is a printed document that has easy-to-reference topics on a wide range of urban gardening issues. It includes written research and maps, as well as how-to sections for a variety of tasks. The toolkit is a graphic exercise as well, designed and produced to enhance readability and encourage interest in urban farming.